Reasons to Go on a Boat Tour

Boat Tours in Maine While you’re visiting Maine and staying at Travelers Inn in Brunswick, have you been looking for some interesting sights to see and things to do? How about taking a boat tour?

The Benefits of Taking a Boat Tour

Maine has miles and miles of shoreline/coastline and there are plenty of boat tours available within driving distance of Brunswick.

Taking a boat ride allows you to get out on the water, which is said to help people relax and reduce their anxiety. Meanwhile, if the sun is shining, it’s a chance to soak up the rays and get some natural Vitamin D. There’s something special and memorable about time on a boat on the sea. You can bond with the people you go with as you take your touring adventure on the water. Maybe you’ll see some fish pop out of the water in their natural habitat. Perhaps some birds will fly by. If it’s a fishing boat, how about catching “the big one” that you can take photos of and brag to all your pals? Moreover, if you’re fortunate, maybe you’ll be out on the water for a glorious sunset cruise. Bring your camera and take lots of pictures.

You know the nicest thing about a boat ride these days? It’s a chance to turn off your phone for a couple hours! You can just enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of nature surrounding you, without having to check your email or Facebook every two minutes. Everybody needs a break from social media once in a while, and a boat ride is a perfect excuse to turn your phone off.

In Maine, there are several boat tours available, including Atlantic Seal Cruises (South Freeport), Balmy Days Cruises (Boothbay Harbor), the Monhegan-Thomaston Boat Line (Port Clyde), Bay Lady Schooner Cruise (Bar Harbor), and Schooner Stephen Taber (Rockland).

Even people on a tight budget can find an affordable boat ride– no one should visit Maine and NOT take the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride in our magnificent waters.

Taking a boat ride is a good way to see islands, lighthouses, and beaches from a unique perspective.

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