Reasons to Go Whale Watching in Maine

Whale Watching in Maine Have you ever gone whale watching? If you’ve ever spotted a dolphin in the wild, you know how amazing that feels– like a glimpse into another world, right? Now imagine a dolphin the size of a suburban house! Whales are enormous sea creatures that have endlessly fascinated mankind for centuries. To see one (or more) in the wild is quite a memorable and fun experience.

The Excitement of Whale Watching

Whale watching season gets tourists in Maine very excited. These days, eco-friendly tourism is “in,” and learning about wildlife is something many vacationers readily want to do, as they don’t get to normally see, hear or experience some of God’s greatest animals near their home during everyday life. While people may have a zoo nearby, zoos don’t have whales! To be able to go out on the sea in a giant vessel and encounter whales in their natural habitat is the kind of adventure people crave. It’s a lot different being up close to a whale in real life than seeing one on TV.

Over time, whales have represented power, mystery and nature itself. They have played a significant role in both the myths and literature of cultures around the planet. Who hasn’t heard of Moby Dick, the 1851 novel by Herman Melville, a fabled story for the ages about a captain’s quest to find the white whale who bit off his knee on a previous voyage? Moby Dick is a strange and wonderful book, perhaps one of the all-time best about the sea ever written.

Speaking of sea, it’s so cool to board a boat for adventure on the open seas. Spending time near the ocean is great, and spending it on the ocean? Priceless. A whale watching trip is often a person’s most memorable vacation experience in Maine– or anywhere, for that matter. After all, “you never know what you might see out there,” and that’s part of the fun.

Not too far from Travelers Inn you can book a three hour whale watching tour with Cap’n Fish’s Original Whale Watch. The mid-Maine company has been in business for over 80 years and knows where to take you to see whales at their feeding grounds. Check out their website to book your adventure and if you need a place to stay, consider making a reservation at the Travelers Inn.

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